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Self Love vs self abandonment

Some of he signs someone don't love themselves! self abandonment!! 1) Spending more time on the phone, chat, social medias, books, work, children or anything to be distracted and avoid from being alone with themselves, their feelings and thoughts. Basically giving...

Money Conversation

One of the most important stages in entrepreneurial journey is the relationship with money! In order to create success you need to clear any block including "lack", "fears" energies as well as limiting beliefs and create a powerful energy to attract money in your...

The “Women In Business” course in English!

Finally I'm almost ready to launch this baby for my English network! I have a confession to make! Building a multi lingual business in mlm or outside of mlm is challenging! I mean.... when i'm writing, recording, doing lives and creating contents days in and days out...

Hills and Valleys of business. The Roller coaster

Wrote this with tears and smile..! Hope it makes a different..! He said, "I haven't been in communication with you. But lately I feel like shit. I feel I messed up. I respect you a lot Maria. But the more I watch people became successful the more I feel I'm not good...

Network Marketing model actually works?!

An old friend asked, "I see all the success and challenges you been going through since 2004 you first joined the industry of which you've been full time since 2010 in Network Marketing industry. At this point do you really think this industry model actually works?!...

Millennial travelers نسل قدیم عزیز.. می بینیم که خیلی چیزها در مورد نسل نو برای شما گیج کننده است. و ما باید با گفتن این شروع کنیم که...ما متاسفیم.. و معذرت میخواهیم برای اینکه مثل شما قادر به نشستن در دفتر و آفیس نیستیم.. ما نمیتونیم...

Three Laws Of Performance

This was a magical book for me when I first read it years ago and probably since then I applied these rules in different areas of business. Yet every time I read the book I learn new things. I decided to do a quick video this time and share with you what I learned...

Welcome To The Team..!

You might never got this email from me! But this is what I send to one of my new team members! Feel free to use it if it’s a value to your business! “I like to welcome you to our community to our team and family. Congratulations for making  a great decision for your...

Is it about score board?!

Do you play the game for the score board or do you play the game for the love of the game? To win? To get good at the game? To become better at the game?

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