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E-Commerce Venture Planning Course

If you got a gift inside you that you want to offer to people and help people to change their lives with your knowledge then this course is for you. I today’s online world you can teach and earn from the comfort of your home and I will teach you how….. Coming soon.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Transformation vs Information

We don’t give you only more information. We help you remove blocks, limiting beliefs, fears in your subconsious and have you be powerful with the information you already know. 


Clarity on Life Purpose

Why you are here. What really makes you fulfilled that you could turn that to a career. You will discover that for yourself. 


Effectiveness communication

How to communicate effectively what’s important with clients, team members, customers, partners and produce results.



You will see yourself as a leader of your life creating beakthrough results and living a life by design not by default. 


Peace of mind in Personal & Profassional life

When you can trust and have peace of mind that life goes the way you designed in every area. 


Dramatic shift in quality of relationships

You will experiance dramatic shift in the quality of your relationships with people around you in your personal life as well as your professional life. 


What Our Students Say

I want to thank you for the three months time and energy you put in with me during the course. It has impacted my life, my work and my personal life so much. I feel I just found myself during this three months. Flow of money is open in my life. In my marketing team I’m easily  partnering up with new people. And easily selling product and growing my team. My relationship with myself and people around me never been this good before. And so much more that I can not put it all in words and I owe it all to your course and your coaching. 
Thanks you for teaching me how to live and how to build business both. 
Shokooh Barati

Women In Business 

 I’m It was Nov 2017 while I was tired and overwhelmed from the stress, issues that I could not handle anymore. There was so many questions in my mind and in that darkness and chaos I could feel a light at the end of tunnel. And I knew there is someone who can help me get clarity to find my path and get clear on how to accomplish my goals and dreams. Once I met Maria right away I participated in her 3 days seminar and realized I stepped into a powerful destination. Day after day I’m becoming more aware, wise and I was able to build a powerful and purposeful team and find answer to all my questions. I learned how to heal myself, how to face and overcome my fears. And now i’m so align with everything  that my powerful coach shows me. I’m working with all other students, creating a new movement of love and awareness. Maria thank you for everything you’ve been teaching us. Thank you for the growth and development and the person I’ve become and becoming everyday because of all the help and coaching you do. ~ Hadis Bakhtiar

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Hundreds of students from all around the world from multi languages participated in our courses and programs and created massive breakthrough results in their lives, their businesses and in their communities. 


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